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Freedom or death slave
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Would you rather die or be a slave

Freedom or death

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"Give me liberty or give me death" ---Patrick Henry------

| Side: Freedom or death
4 points

What do you mean by slave? Because if it is anything like black slavery then, HECK no! If that is the case...DEATH!

| Side: Freedom or death
3 points

I would fight to the death to have freedom .

| Side: Freedom or death
3 points

What is the point of living if you dont have the freedom to live freely.

| Side: Freedom or death
2 points

All I can say is... FREE VERMONT, FREE QUEBEC, FREE DIXIE. End the American empire and think for yourselves. Even if it means death.

| Side: Freedom or death
2 points

Death is preferable over slavery.

| Side: Freedom or death

Dependent on the type of slavery my opinion differs.

If by slavery you were to imply the kind existent around oh I don't know 27BC, I would not prefer death as you could work toward freedom. Regardless of working to freedom, the jobs of a slave at that time were many in number and not always physically involved or demanding.

If by slavery you mean the slavery that existed more recently, the slavery of the Africans. Then no I would not wish to live, as more often than not you would die either way. Why not die earlier than later? Why suffer when it could end earlier on. You would not know how it turned out, some lived obviously and some well enough... though the vast majority did not.

| Side: Freedom or death
1 point

I wouldn't wanna be someone's slave,doing hard and impossible thing's. so yea I would just die.

| Side: Freedom or death

It actually depends on your mistress ;)

| Side: Freedom or death
1 point

Death. At least if I die I will be free and live in eternal peace in heaven with God, Jesus, and Michael Jackson.

| Side: Freedom or death
1 point

You have your own hands, you have your own feet. You're a human just like everyone else. Why do you need other people doing things for you? You can satisfy yourself.

| Side: Freedom or death
0 points

Die Die Die! There is no way M I gonna live serving someone or satisfying someone. Seriously... I'd choose death. Immediate death.

| Side: Freedom or death
4 points

We are already all slaves - so the question can only be answered by slaves - becuase the free are dead are not tied to the internet.

How do you know that you are not a replicant or simulation manufactered to have a 'life' hyper-real in color like taking LSD?

Remember Blade Runner? How do you prove to yourself that you are not a replicant?

Supporting Evidence: more_than_human.html (
| Side: replicant
2 points

I know I'm not a replica because I have taken LSD.

-----nice thinking though---

| Side: replicant
1 point

If you read some Ayn Rand, you will quickly reverse your ridiculous fantasy dreams. Blade Runner is a great movie, but in no way does it reflect reality. First, read Fountainhead, then Atlas Shrugged.

| Side: Freedom or death
ptosis(245) Disputed
1 point

Ayn Rand totally sucks - why?

See the link fool.

Literally a sociopath: Ayn Rand’s First Love and Mentor Was A Sadistic Serial Killer Who Dismembered Little Girls ..... let's say we accept that Ayn Rand turned out to be a mega-bitch

Supporting Evidence: serial-killer-who-stole-ayn-rands-heart (
| Side: slave
1 point

Slave to what?

We are always, always enslaved by something (many things, technically), yet we don't kill ourselves -- mainly because we aren't even aware of it. It's only when people are truly confronted with the horror of life's "slavery" that they go mad and commit suicide.

Think about it.

So, really, the only way to free yourself (shout out to Erich Fromm here) is to love the life you live, whatever it is. So, if you are forced to live a life of slavery--whatever form this so-called 'slavery' takes--you must find a way to make yourself aware of the truth (the fact you are being enslaved) and learn to love/appreciate the good things within that truth.

We fear things, then when they happen they aren't as bad as we thought. Things always work out eventually... so, I say, give it a go... then if it is continuously s--t, choose death.

Death is the only freedom after all. Unless you believe in the afterlife...

| Side: slave

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