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Would you vote for a centrist?


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Depends on what you mean by "centrist". Some people have called Hillary Clinton centrist be she was obviously a neocon warmonger.

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But only if they ran as a Democrat and if I were a US Citizen who gave a shit about the poor at the time.

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Are you so brainwashed by Democrats?

You talk about voting for those who care for the poor, and then you will only vote for Democrats who are almost all supporting No Restriction abortions of viable babies for any reason!

Get off debate sites if you are so ignorant to your total hypocrisy and to the barbaric things the Left supports.

Trump just enabled record numbers of poor people to get JOBS! That is what helping the poor looks like. It's not keeping them tied to hand outs from cradle to grave.

Republicans support safety nets for those who can not help themselves, expecting able bodied people to find jobs after a time. The GOP does not support killing innocent viable babies for sake of convenience.

Please get your priorities straight!

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Of course, but, I would HOPE s/he/it would kinda' bring the center BACK to the left a "wee bit". It's drifted a little OFF Kilter the last 30+ years. It should come back to where America was already great. :-)

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I would only vote for a radical left winger .

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I would gladly vote for a centrist if they were pro life. You will find few of them.

When it comes to voting, the most important issue is always protecting innocent life. Any politician who thinks it is ok to kill innocent human life for sake of convenience deserves NO ONE'S VOTE.

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