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 You're on death row, what is your last meal? (16)

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You're on death row, what is your last meal?

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Two extra ripe watermelons and a few pounds of frozen yogurt.

Two extra ripe watermelons and a few pounds of frozen yogurt.

All the fiber will unleash hell on the people who have to clean and prep your body when you die.

Pussy with a nice, healthy, helping of super sized tits and a little ass on the side ;)

The meal should last approximately 327 minutes, and should be eaten whilst watching the 1995 BBC adaptation of Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice, on a cinema screen.


A large bowl of Basmati rice with sea salt, clumped.

A glass of sparkling water, chilled.

Main course

One large Wagyū steak with sea salt and freshly ground pepper, well done.

One kilogram (2.204623 pounds) of French fries with sea salt, deep fried (I am going to die anyway).

One bottle of Powers Irish whiskey, chilled.


Sorbet and Neopolitan Ice Cream, topped with frozen German raspberries, chilled.

Strawberries, brownies and cream, brownies warm, the rest chilled.


I wish to die by firing squad.

ricedaragh(2500) Disputed
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Wagyū Beef, well done, what a waste. Although the Powers I can agree with.

A large bowl of salted rice would fill you up and not let you enjoy the best Beef in the world.

The Dessert of Strawberries, Brownie and Cream is now going on my menu at work, so simple but sounds perfect.

Firing Squad, perfection.

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Firing squad really is the only way to go.

Firing squad really is the only way to go.

If I am to die then I shall die like a soldier, not a petty criminal.

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I would order a bull penis, pig eyes, deer leg, and bat intestines.

I don't plan on eating any of those, but it would make the day of the person going out to get those items rather shitty.

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Whatever can counteract the battery acid about to be injected into my arm.

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Buscuits with bacon gravy, hashbrowns fried in butter, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, and a 40 ounce bloody mary, extra vodka.

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Funeral potatoes, A black-forest ham sandwich with sharp cheddar, and a glass of red wine.

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Salma Hayeks ass filled with Porridge and no spoon. .

Braised Ox Cheek topped with saute Foie Gras on Potato Dauphinoise, buttered spring baby root vegetables, Honey roasted Figs with Crispy Bacon, Veal Jus and a Wild Mushroom Foam.

I have cooked this dish a thousand times and it never fails to stimulate my taste-buds.

It is one of my proudest achievements and if you tasted it you would change your mind on your last meal choice. (I hope)

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Hard boiled eggs and garlic lamb shanks with mash and brussell sprouts.

I would refuse a last meal because I know that I am innocent and I would not want any sympathy from the prison system.