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You wouldn't be Atheist if...

If you ate:

This cheesecake I'm eating. It is simply heavenly.

Prove me wrong.

Bronto is right

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Bronto is mean

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This side goes without saying, but to answer the question, if this "GOD" would show himself/herself/itself and straighten out the mess humans have made of whatever his objective was/is, I'd likely believe in s/he/it. Whether I could follow s/he/it would depend on whether I believed s/he/it was "just". Stubborn, I guess, but I have my own feelings about right or wrong, and I'm not likely to change much. It's just the way I was ... er... created, I guess.

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He does and will do that. (Reference: Bible- Book of Revelation).

But first the Orange man, The cabbage patch doll, Muhammed's seed, the Chinese and Russia have to end it all in Syria and Northern Israel as the Bible says.

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