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 beastforever gets roasted, join in. (6)

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beastforever gets roasted, join in.

roast me guys, give me any suggestion that you think would be essential and helpful for me..
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One might not expect a very thougbtful person to be behind a username like beastforever. Maybe you should pick a user name like hardcoremuthafucka :)

The typical "beast" as we see it, is generally viewed to be not so thoughtful and possess sheer unstopable strength, the former is one of many reasons that gets testosterone in me pumping, and gives me that dopamine burst to extents it feels like a non existent heaven, that's why the name...

lol might sound crazy but it's something I like..

atypican(4874) Clarified
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Clues me in to your approximate age...but I will give you credit for being ahead of the curve in terms of the depth and complexity of arguments you can make, digest and respond to with remarkable cogency


The suggestion was a nice one though...;)

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Hey beast, I've reviewed our debate from two weeks ago and had a couple of constructive pointers.

First of all: capitalization at the start of sentences. It really helps one's credibility when one uses correct letter case, grammar and so on. You're probably used to online messaging informally but even in such settings I've found one's words have more effect if presented properly.

On one hand I did feel that you jumped to some conclusions without sufficient evidence. However I liked that we could agree on some things, which is always a sign of a good debater.

Thanks,will be looking forward to make productive changes.