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reduce rape crimes wring cruel
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castration punishment for rapist

What's your opions on punishment for rapist 

reduce rape crimes wring

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If they're a repeat offender, fuck 'em. Cut their nuts off with a set of hedge clippers. BUT, there is the possibility for a first time offender that the "victim" is getting off on victimhood and ruining the other person's life, and the "rapist" didn't actually do anything wrong. I mean, if there's open-and-shut, dead-to-rights proof (video evidence, whatever, more than just the word of the victim), I wouldn't lose any sleep over someone getting castrated for that. But let's also remember that rapists are just about first in line to be raped themselves in prison, so it all comes around.

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Is it possible you can stop posting this topic? You are not here to achieve anything positive and both your intended outcome and crime being discussed are inhumane.

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