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evolution has little credibility?

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How can you even deny evolution.If you are going to deny evolution why not deny everything else science has proven.

All kinds of proof for it the best of which is DNA

Even if there were no other evidence other than DNA the theory would still be accepted.

Whales have genes for making legs

Chickens have genes for making teeth

Humans have genes for making TAILS!

and these are just 3 examples.The only way these genes can get there if they were once dominant in the ancestors

If you dig down in the layers of the earth, you find fossils of life forms that don't exist anymore, and you don't find fossils of life forms that exist now.

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Evolution, it's hard to go against it! Like someone giving you two match sticks and saying "these two together make 2!" There is no logic in denying it!

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Natural Geographic front cover & 2nd page on Evolution (below).

Obviously an argument from authority, but I really don't see the point in doing too much else.

Supporting Evidence: Was Darwin Wrong? (
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Evolution is undoubtedly credible. .

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cmon bra evolution is real bra if u dont, then u aint slick cause u got some doo doo stains!!!!!!

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The process of evolution has been proven using short lived organisms such as bacteria.

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god this side is lonely. were are all the christians? .

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The Bible supports evolution.

The verb used in the creation story specify instant creation for light, yet a the verb for the creation of plants, animals, and man is indicates a creative, constructive, time consuming process.

Even in the translation it's apparent that evolution is credible according to the bible:

"let there be" = instant

"created" = creative and not instant

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