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girl education is a burden

As girl become big they are most of the time outside the house, so they donot get time to spend with her children.

Should Study

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I do not see how society benefits in depriving one half of its population of education.

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Deshna(9) Disputed
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Let me inform you that

If whole world started fighting for 'education' the word knowledge would definitely get vanished. Education is not only the way..

"The Culture and the Civilization" term is over head for males. It is the female who could stand for it..

I hope you got my point

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Is this a joke? You seem like your talking from an entirely different century.. Education is essential to every being!

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Deshna(9) Disputed
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You've mistaken 92nida

Education is not necessity knowledge is necessary .

If you look over any century you will see Knowledge as the messiah because education begin from our book and ends with...but knowledge give one ability to think genuinely

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girlsssssssssssssss shoulddddddddddddddddddd studyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy theyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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Well at every level of education girls score higher grades than boys. If anything it is the males that are a burden.

Access to education should be based on who is the best. At the moment I'm studying medicine and 70% of our group is female. Should the less intelligent males that got lower scores on the access test be allowed to become a doctor over a woman that is more intelligent and scored higher? No way. They can stay at home and look after the children.

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yes educating a male means educating 1 person only but educating a female means educating a whole family n next women empowerment will only b there if they r educated.educated women can also stand for there own rights which will gradually help them 2 b in the national mainstream..........educate your daughters n look they will b more than a son.......

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Girl education is something missing from our culture,they are placed at an inferior line where their improvement,establishment is highly restricted;Their participation in various fields is limited;this is the keyword which all developing nations must provide.

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