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I think that the Palestinians should get Israel because it shows that they have been there all throughout history and they were there even when the jews left. It would be important for people to be there to take care of the land and would stay there instead of the jews who kept leaving and when they came back it said they took the Palestinians out of their homes and put them in camps and they need a good leader that will do the right thing for their land.
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I don't necessarily disagree with you. I just wanted to say all of history is rife with invaders coming in and taking over. You could just as easily say everyone not Native American should leave the Americas. Pretty much every continental nation on the globe today once had different borders than now.

Anyway, Israel and Palestine need to co-exist. And quite frankly, if all the time and money the surrounding Arab nations put into funding resistance and fighting Israel had instead been spent building up Palestine or assimilating its Muslims into the other Arab nations then this hot issue would have become a smoulder.

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Bollocks, mate. The Jews have been buggering about Palestine just as long as your Palestinians. Also the UN officially awarded the displaced Jews a nation of their own way back in 1948. And since then those pally wankers have been engaging in continual terrorist acts on Israel. To give them their country would send a message that terrorism works. Bad message, mate. Plus it has been the Palestinians and their allies who started all those wars with Israel. And they get their arses kicked Everytime, eh? So to the winners go the bloody spoils. Let the pallys stay in their shite hole refugee camps until they learn to behave. Until then they can sod off.

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I believe the situation would have been resolved long ago if not for Netanyahu (and a couple of others). Obama has backed Israel to the hilt, but he can not back the yahoo that's running it. I'm sure Trump will get along with the "Net", but Palestine will probably be no more after the co-op. To bad. That will make about 4M more recruits for ISIS (or Hezbollah). Ce' la vive. (OKAY, I don't write French much!) You know what I mean, that's life. It's on Trump from here on.

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May I know why you downvoted me?

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If I had I'd be glad to tell you. I did not..............................

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Israel is awesome, but they need to stop pissing on Arabs' rights................................................

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If they stop that, they will have no allies left.

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Israel is carefully positioned to prevent the Arabs trading oil with East Europeans and Russia, it was a British and American corrupt idea inspired by Nazis harming Jews combined with an Old Testament quotrle.