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scrubs or friends

both hilarious, but which one is better

theres only one way to find out...


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Scrubs is 1 million times funnier. Maybe because I like immature jokes more. Friends might be slightly funnier but scrubs always has a message or meaning etc. It's a lot more sophisticated. Plus the bitches in scrubs are hotter.

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Seinfeld ftw.

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whats seinfeld? i've never heard of it. im guessing its another american comody sitcom or what?

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I love this show. My friends call me Brown Bear.

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Scrubs all the way, I've never found Friends funny, it is, like a lot of American sitcoms only about whom is having sex with whom. Friends is a pile of garbage that lasted too long and got too much attention.

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Every time I imagine the 'love train scene' I nearly wet myself. Literally.

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those are hilarious, however

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Friends is best because while scrubs has some pretty people, friends had great story lines!

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