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should jc become a mod for his dedication to cd

yea jc for ever

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no jc never

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yea jc is always on cd =O he would help get our point across but im just scared he would sticky jokes everywhere

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No he shouldn't he may be a good contributor to the site but he has done nothing in the creating and maintaining of the site so I have to say nope.

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So just because he posts many arguments means he gets to be an admin? No thanks. There are plenty of people on the site that contribute to a great degree, and that does not make it OK for them to become mods either. Sure, he's got over 4600 points, but he's been going strong for over 300 days. And many of his arguments are repetitive. And simple. I'm not saying he's a bad guy to have on the site, but let the site be run by the people that run it. Let them take care of it, and if they want to offer anything, let them. To me. I need a job. ;)

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Only because he has made more posts that anyone else ( by a large margin ) does not give him admin status. Look at all of our other admins Ludacris or Pao ( etc etc ) they are nowhere near JC's number of debates or posts. The idea is ridiculous! Other people have been here from the start as well as JC, if he was a site founder I could understand being an admin but since he isn't it would be unfair.

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No, I do not he should and I believe it depends on how one defines dedication. Looking at his stats for amount of points he has accumulated in his time here is meaningless. What one looks for in a moderator is QUALITY and not QUANTITY. The people who run CD do a pretty darned good job overall of overseeing things and each person that creates a debate here should remain their own moderator. When unfairness of any type rears its ugly head, the "boys and girl" are on it and make the necessary corrections. Keep it simple. Having any constant contributor as a moderator has danger written all over it.

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Well here's another interesting down vote. I'm asked for an opinion, give it and explain it to an extent, then I go down into the abyss by yet another couple of cretins in the never-ending ranks.

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Well at least you can sleep with the satisfaction that two people just lost a reward point each (although they probably just posted two more comments somewhere else to negate the act and thus render the new policy inefficient). :) Up-vote for pity. haha

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I like most of jb's arguments and stands on certain issues but no I am completely satisfied with our current mods here on CD.

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