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 should punishment for rapist be more than prison? (4)

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should punishment for rapist be more than prison?

What punishment should rapist get if they rape girls? Peopu
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Rapists do get more punishment than just prison. There's a sort of hierarchy in prison, at the top you have murderers and lifers, it goes down to armed robbers and gangbangers, then on the secon-to-last rung is rapists. Below them, child molesters. They're the first ones to get raped in prison, and frankly, I don't lose any sleep over that.

Like young prepubescent girls? Be detailed please. If their prepubescent than you better learn how prisons treat such scum. Murders have a soft spot for kids that should tell you something. Prisons usually let the inmates if they asked what a certain inmate did to get in. And child molesters are usually castrated and killed the moment their found to be child molesters.

I would say they get what they deserve already.

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Hello j:

Well, it should at least be SOME prison time.. In my view, rapists are getting away with rape more and more these days than they ever did..


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Rape is punishable by death .