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[somewhat NSFW but mostly fine] My poem application to

Yo FM and others, this is my legit application to site They ask you to audition with a poem to let you on the site as a legit poem blogger, hope I pass. Peace.

Character Count exceeded, gonna make it my first post instead.

Beat to rap in-page play for phone users:

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[Read in standard American accent]

Rap beat if you want to listen, play on loop by right-clicking and clicking 'loop' to keep throughout an extended read:

I am also a half-troll half-legit user of some debate sites and ill be posting this here and there. My accounts that I'll be using are:

If they post this, it's me. You will notice that I will give credit to myself having applied to this site with the poem when I post, don't worry.


Who the hell you think are to be demanding me a poem?

Mozart of this art like all these written no-gimmick lyrics are my profession,

Woah, that flow's a shard piercin' you and while you're bleedin', I tell you a fine confession:

This is freedom of expression, this is me out of depression, physics is nowhere near a suggestion for reason behind the never-yet-reached depths of my perception.


Boy you be readin' these ill lines by a writer so sublime, you couldn't fathom or imagine what it's like to be behind the steerin' wheel of the high-paced drive up in my mind,

All these spitting free-verse like that's skilled, yeah sure but they're nowhere close to flowin' poems so potent it could blind,

You can play this over to cope, you'll need to pause and rewind not one, two, three but at least four times.


This is be that sick spittin' raw shit, you aint heard on the radio,

This be that thick dick, masculinity half gentleman half wild-lion ROAR and make those ladies hoes,

This be the new age slim shady yo, basic rappers way too slow, Mumble rapping on a track and reading shit like BABY PRO,

Na fuck that mainstream shit, dawg this be that underground vicious shit,

Boy I've been slitting throat downtown before rap ever was for the sissy bitch,

I'm that middle-school rap era, where gangsters could mean black but also Vinnie Paz, shout-out to the most-feared real-deal Gladiator straight from that Sicily pit,

I love Paz for his delivery, flow and anti-gimmicky lyrical potency like no other G that's hit the scene,

I love Tech for the flow man, Em for the show and love Minaj for puns and Hopsin for being the pioneer or bringing REAL RAP back, he's a cunning industry player but DAMN HE GOT FLOW. Chris Webby for the raw masculinity-vibe progressive shiz, spreading those vibes getting the world to hear his messages,

I love Bugzy and Devs and a little Wiley doesn't hurt,

Grime Scene's a beautiful off-shoot of rap that unlike mumble crap is an old beautiful tree that grew straight from the dirt,

Imma leave it here, let me on this site so your pussy can squirt,

If you're a guy you'll wish you were me but turnin' me down's buryin' what you know be that legit shit that like a Phoenix'll rebirth.

I signed up just now. We'll see if they accept my depressing and dark poem.