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Whats these tests about? what are you talking about?????............

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I used to agree with test2 but now I support test. I found that the arguments for test2 were weak while the arguments for test were much more logical. It is sad to see how many people support test2.

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Testing, testing, this is a test of the united bradcasting association bradcasting to you live from joe_cavalry's studio on the internet. This concludes our test and now back to your regularly scheduled debate. ;)

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joecavalry(36877) Clarified
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Seems to work now, thanks ;)

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I love test 2 because i always do better on them;)

But what are we testing here? Have me confused unless your fixing the edit thing for the debates.

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Please don't fix the can't edit debate bug it's too funny to see the true amount of people Fromwithin bans

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