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These people aren't rational Why there's no middle ground
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the left tells us if you're white & from Boston you're a racist

MSNBC decided to go on a mindless rant about General Kelly saying that he came from a place (Boston) where whites were raised to be racists. Why did they do this? Because he called out Congresswoman Wilson for her inappropriate comments and acts about Presidential private calls to families of fallen soldiers. She claims to have listened to Trump's call to the wife of a fallen soldier, which never happened. She has a magic direct hack line to the White House? Yeah right. 

But alas, Congresswoman Wilson is black. Apparently, if you're black, and a white person challenges you, they must be a racist. And this is why people on the right are giving the one finger salute to the left nowadays and not even trying to have dialogue anymore. They, the left, don't want equality. They want superiority, omnipotence, untouchabilty. The right has finally had enough and is simply now telling them to shut up. And this is why the left continues to lose seats in mass and lost to Donald Trump for the Presidency. And if the left doesn't come to reality and act like human beings, they'll lose more seats, they'll lose another Presidency, they'll lose academia (and are), and they'll lose this country. On second thought, continue to act like drama queens, fake victims, jealous freaks, race baiters, and identity politics zealots. We'll happily take the country back and watch progressivism crash and burn as a dumpster fireball into the abyss.

These people aren't rational

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Why there's no middle ground

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Well ---------- sadly, they can't defend liberalism all that well, so they kinda have nothing to go with except "attack the speaker". "Your racist"


Most often they can't provide a connection to racism or any other ism, when challenged. Challenge them and have some fun.

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Well ---------- sadly, the

My tablet farted and made a duplicate 😁

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What kind of tablet do you have daver? A farting tablet? Where do I get one at?

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Hello bront:

Nahhh... This is simple.. If you're white and from Boston, and tell lies about a black congresswoman, you're quite possibly a racist..

What??? Lying is cool???


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