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We Are Guilty Of Making Ourselves Ill

today many children do not wish to go out and play physically in the feilds

they stay at home, eat fatty foods, play"video" games and get obese resulting in heart problems, and small life spans

on the other hand due to other people's doing we are falling victims of diseases 

yes indeed

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no we aren't

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yews we r indeed guilty of making ourselves ill

we plan and wish to play games on the playstationsand eat fatty foodslike burgers and pizzas

it's not like u must never eat them and once in a while is okay

but continuously eating them without exersicing will lead to no good resulting in early death people who don't care about their health and become obese die 45-50 yrs of age

many even regret their obesity and wish to lose weight but its not as easy as that so before we fall prey of it we had better start exercising

not running miles too far but at least strolling around for 5-10 mins

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Parents get all mad if their child gets dirty or goes swimming in a pond or nearby creek. The bacteria and germs help with building their immune system

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Think about the environment we live in, the contaminated food and water we drink, which causes many diseases. Pesticides and fertilizers used in crop production are harmful to our health. Stress-examination stress,work stress-it can be anything. Stress also kills. And yeah, of course we cant change our family history-most heart diseases are due to that. Cancers are caused by some defects in our genes. Our living conditions are influenced by our economic conditions. Poor people live in slums, where conditions are dirty. And they suffer from various diseases like malaria because of unhygienic living conditions. So can we really say-Are We Guilty Of Making Ourselves Ill?

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Deepanshu_dj Disputed
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hey buddy Nikki06 , who the hell you think is responsible for making water contaminated...making the condition of slum dwellers dirty...the conditions unhygienic...?

who is the main cause of stress? is us!!!.....we are responsible for the so called environmental degradation and its causes

think it over!

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We are not guilty as children for making ourselves ill. It is our parents, when a 5 year old becomes obese due to a lack of physical activity. You would say it is the child's fault? How so, it is up to the parents to motivate and play with their children at a young age. To get them on track to a healthy life, and adult is responsible for making his/herself ill however a child is not.

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Deepanshu_dj Disputed
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hey DaWolfman ,

parents never want their child to become obese .....they do the best they can times they have to succumb to the pressure of their disapproving children .... when the child puts his foot down demanding junk food or by just crying all the way...parents have no other choice.....where the hell is the child's own conscience?

parents need to be strict.....i oppose your argument that a child is not responsible for making himself ill.....both parents and children are!!

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