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which is more important

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Well, someone who has a beautiful appearance can always have their X-rays airbrushed.

If you're on a ''meaningful one night stand' it's an attractive appearance that counts.

They say beauty is only skin deep, well so is ugliness.

When someone is described as a lovely and kind person you can be pretty sure that they are fat and ugly.

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That which is ugly and beautiful on the inside is much like the castle that lasts for centuries.

That which is the opposite is much like the mansion that gets demolished the moment the billionaire who owed it gets bored.

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Inner beauty is more pleasant but then we dont walk around with x~ray machines

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Much like the phrase, "you eat first with your eyes" that is how we are for physical appearance. If some physical trait is seen as undesirable that is often the first cause of rejecting a potential partner. Likewise someone may seem attractive at first but once they open their mouths and start talking they can become less and less desirable as time goes on.

I think inner beauty is more important.

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even though outer beauty is what you normally see portrayed throughout the media and what is idealized inner beauty and content of a persons personality is what truly counts. The media constantly displays edited and photo shopped photos of what an ideal man or woman should look like however a person who is attractive on the outside could have cruel and horrible traits on the inside. Even though we are taught that beauty is the most important thing it is far from the truth a beautiful person on the outside could have an ugly heart on the inside it is the traits of a person that matters ultimately

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