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 Why do guys only like pretty girls? (11)

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Why do guys only like pretty girls?

its so true before you start defending yourselfs guys...

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Probably the exact same reason why girls only like good looking guys.

| Side: Natural Selection
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Umm isnt this a self answering question? men like pretty (attractive) girls because they are attractive, would you have us believe women like ugly men?

| Side: Why do guys only like pretty girls?
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Natural Selection has determined that the more attractive must breed more because of a vicious circle. (attractive people mate, creating more attractive people who will also mate). it's really because in the animal world, certain features are needed to attract a mate in order to create off springs that will continue the life line.

Also, humans don't produce pheromones because we have developed a conventional and post-conventional way of thinking. our brains think on a different track, so attractiveness (though basic importance) is not the only thing that attracts a mate. Intellect, wit, and skills also attract mates.

| Side: Natural Selection
HGrey87(749) Disputed
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Uh, we do produce pheromones. We just tend not to pay much attention to them as determinants of chemistry because there are so many conscious considerations in mate selection.

| Side: Why do guys only like pretty girls?

Boys only like pretty girls. Men like pretty women but chose a woman based on compatibility.

| Side: Why do guys only like pretty girls?
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Same reason women like rich or powerful men. Cross-cultural surveys indicate both of these priorities are universal in people. They are both conducive to healthy, well-protected offspring. Physical attraction has a lot to do with the outward signs of health.

| Side: Why do guys only like pretty girls?
JakeJ(3232) Disputed
1 point

"women like rich or powerful men"

Well, in that case the woman probably likes the wealth and power, not so much the man.

| Side: Natural Selection
HGrey87(749) Disputed
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That's kind of pessimistic. Considering how widespread the desire is, I guess you could say you're calling most women whores :P

| Side: Why do guys only like pretty girls?
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Just Because :P

Nah but Really, I like personality a bit more that physical features, i mean i would not want to be with a pretty girl who is rude all the time. Some girl kind and caring would be gr8!

Of course if she is pretty, that's added

| Side: Dat's a sterotype rite dur

Bravo AKlast...a wonderful sentiment indeed. All those things like pretty, good-looking, wealth, nice body or physique are simply icing on a cake. It's what's inside that counts.

| Side: Usually they dont know any better
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GIRLS ARE HOT HOT HOT BUT only when there prewtty no one wants a unatractive wo men atractive ones ATTRACT


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