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 why do people look down on fat people (14)

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why do people look down on fat people

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Most people do NOT look DOWN on fat people. Most people look AROUND fat people ;)

| Side: why do people look down on fat people

This is precisely what I was going to write!

They don't look down at them, they look around them!

| Side: why do people look down on fat people
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Think you beat everybody to the punchline...


| Side: why do people look down on fat people
rockyboy(48) Disputed
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I have no idea how the voting works on these arguments, however I disagree with whom ever decides the point system. It is a sad world that we are in today. Kids killing themselves because of bullying in schools. Now something as ridiculous as being discriminated against because you're fat? What ever happened to over looking a person's flaws without having to be shitty about it. What a shame people are being judged by their clothing sizes.

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ricedaragh(2526) Disputed
1 point

Its not their clothing size its their ass size.

But truly, judging your fellow man is as human as human can be, whatever criteria one chooses.

When in the history of man has a persons flaws been overlooked. People aren't always being shitty about it. They are just the ones being honest about it.

| Side: why do people look down on fat people

I just got down voted :)

Probably by a fatty ;)

Hope he/she doesn't see this post and don vote it as well ;)

Because I have like 10977 points and I don't think I can lose any more :D

| Side: why do people look down on fat people
2 points

Because nobody on this planet is in total empathy towards man kind, someone will always be mocked. Whether it is looks, race, religious preferences, sexual preferences and essentially opinions.

| Side: Empathy
2 points

because a lot of fat people made them self look like that way even tho some have sickness and stufe like that and cant help it

| Side: Empathy

Do they look down on them or do they just judge people on whatever they can find? People just judge each other its how life is. In the case of fat people it is an obvious choice

| Side: why do people look down on fat people
1 point

most people look down on others... period.

gays, blacks(welfare)....Asian(bad drivers)..white trash and so on.... if people were not fat others would find something else

| Side: why do people look down on fat people

Since you used the word judge, people that judge the obese do so with everyone. Obese people are just people, some are predisposed genetically, some worked at it, but they have no more or less faults than every other human.

If you intended the word discriminate (not the bigoting sense), there are a few reasons. First would be the health factor, obese people have higher health risks, lower tolerances, and typically more sedentary lifestyles. Second, lifestyle, I'm an active person, so I wouldn't choose an obese girlfriend (that's discrimination, but for good reason, I want someone to share my interests with).

Third, and the most controversial, social stigma. While it's incorrect to judge a person based on physical features, the truth is that people do, so even if you don't, you need to take it into account. You may not get invited to as many suit and tie parties, or (in more extreme cases) be limited to actiites that make use of elevators if they're not located at the bottom of a tall building etc...These are all considerations when choosing a mate, so the reality is that there are logical reasons to not give obese people a fair chance, their situation can make it difficult.

| Side: why do people look down on fat people
1 point

I don't look down on fat people. They're people too. Its just the stinky one's that bother me.

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