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yes it will no it will not.but it will pro
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will science lead to destruction of the world

yes it will

Side Score: 3

no it will not.but it will pro

Side Score: 7
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global warming is one of the main problems that the world to day has faced. it leads to many other problems.

| Side: yes it will
Oiden(394) Disputed
1 point

Global Warming would happen even if we didn't use fossle fules.

| Side: no it will not.but it will pro
MrAndrew(6) Disputed
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Yes, you're right, but our very high rate of usage of fossil fuels does increase the rate of global warming which, as ironic as it sounds, lead to the next Ice Age. Not just that, there are other many bad effects increased rate of global warming can throw on us (some of it we're experiencing right now). I would mention them, but I'll leave the research work to you, as I don't want to turn this into a longer response.

How global warming leads to Ice Age? global-warming-cause-ice-age

| Side: no it will not.but it will pro
1 point

As long as it is used in a safer way, it wouldn't. But in today's world the rate of using it for unwanted purpose balances with the useful purposes. So in future it can overtake and ultimately lead to destruction in a large scale.

| Side: yes it will
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global warming is being caused burning of fossil fuels. if not for science we want find it as a energy source and start using it as a energy source which has now lead to a series of problems such as melting of polar ice caps e.c.t which destroys the world.

the radioactive elements which are also used in as energy sources have caused enough and more problems in destroying lives. the atomic bomb which is also a discovery of science, it was even used in the world war as an weapon. aren't these enough facts to prove that science will destroy the world!

| Side: yes it will
1 point

No the Sun has nothing to do with science.

| Side: no it will not.but it will pro
1 point

No, unless our sicentests become stupid and fuck up an experment.

| Side: no it will not.but it will pro
1 point

If you literally mean "destruction of the world," it most likely will not. Even if you pop lots of nuclear bombs on our planet "surface", it will not be destroyed. (unless, humans learn how to create a black hole...)

The question should be: will science lead to the destruction of humanity?

On that case, it will probably do if we don't use it correctly.

With all that increase in global warming from the extraction of energy from fossil fuels, capability to produce WMDs, and lots more.

| Side: no it will not.but it will pro

religions will .

| Side: no it will not.but it will pro

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