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ice cream brownies
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would u eat ice cream or brownies

ice cream

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I would go for ice cream as they are varied in tastes such as Vanilla,Strawberry,Orange,and Mango which are all my favorite. More over you can a stick ice cream, a cone ice cream, or an ice cream from a container :).

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I guess it depends on the mood. I tend to favor icecream just for all the flavors but at any point in time, any day of the week.....a nice warm brownie with icecream melting on top of it will win.

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The thing about just saying ice cream means that I could have any type of ice cream. even brownie ice cream. but I won't because I don't like brownies.

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brownies lol

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I like ice cream AND brownies, together.

If I had to choose one, though, I would pick brownies.

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