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your favorite show

fam guy mighty boosh simpsons well what do u like

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family guy by far its just that good but what do i know right its just an opinion so there what

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I'm still an American Idol fan. I love the way they look and find young people with such talent and fullfil the dream of their lifetime.

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And because of that...your opinion, you down voted me? How do you vote someone down on an opinion asked for? What is a FAG, in your opinion?

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Family Guy FTW..................................................... American Idol is for FAGS

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I like to watch WWE Monday Night Raw. I also like to watch Tough Enough. Jack Van Impe presents. Naruto I like to read the manga and watch the show with english sub titles and the people speak Japanese. I like to watch Yugioh

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It is now 2015 and my favorite show on TV is AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

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