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Girls shouldn't be underestimated!

Girls have often been looked down to and underesttimated seince the dawn of time. We should have a right to be equal to men! The Constitution says: "all men are created equal"... are we going to follow that truth or not?

10. Michael Sabatino hesperia, California
Just because they are females doesn't mean they can't really hurt you, but that doesn't give the right for them to mkae it obnoxious.
12/4/17 10:46
9. emily r makawao, hawaii
girls can kick your a** boi
11/29/17 10:28
8. Shawna Smith Sewickley, PA
The organ you have between your legs has nothing to do with how great you are.
10/25/17 1:37
7. phineas gaul Richland, WA
Be cause I think girls don't deserve to be harassed just because they are of different sex.
10/12/17 1:49
6. First Name Anonymous Bouti, Alaska
10/11/17 9:59
5. tyrel green buckeye, AZ
8/16/17 8:50
4. Anonymous Mumbai, Maharashtra
because girls are considered inferior to boys which is nit the thing .We are equally able !
7/23/17 7:01
3. Anna Moriarty Belfast, NI
6/21/17 7:05
2. Beth York New York, New York
5/11/17 1:21
1. Hannah Steiner South Elgin, Illinois
5/3/17 12:37