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Girls shouldn't be underestimated!

Girls have often been looked down to and underesttimated seince the dawn of time. We should have a right to be equal to men! The Constitution says: "all men are created equal"... are we going to follow that truth or not?

11. Asha Kanta Sharma Guwahati, Assam, India
I support the petition. We are in a SICK society which discriminates with CASTE, GENDER, RELIGION, COLOUR, etc.
6/25/18 11:11
10. Michael Sabatino hesperia, California
Just because they are females doesn't mean they can't really hurt you, but that doesn't give the right for them to mkae it obnoxious.
12/4/17 10:46
9. emily r makawao, hawaii
girls can kick your a** boi
11/29/17 10:28
8. Shawna Smith Sewickley, PA
The organ you have between your legs has nothing to do with how great you are.
10/25/17 1:37
7. phineas gaul Richland, WA
Be cause I think girls don't deserve to be harassed just because they are of different sex.
10/12/17 1:49
6. First Name Anonymous Bouti, Alaska
10/11/17 9:59
5. tyrel green buckeye, AZ
8/16/17 8:50
4. Anonymous Mumbai, Maharashtra
because girls are considered inferior to boys which is nit the thing .We are equally able !
7/23/17 7:01
3. Anna Moriarty Belfast, NI
6/21/17 7:05
2. Beth York New York, New York
5/11/17 1:21
1. Hannah Steiner South Elgin, Illinois
5/3/17 12:37