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2NE6's Reward Points: 29

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument AK47 or M16/M4?
1 Added Argument If there was a 'superman' would you kill him?
1 Added Argument Should Americans be celebrating with South Koreans of Kim Jong Il's death?
1 Added Argument Terminators vs. Predators
1 Added Argument Who here, has not cussed?
3 Added Argument Terminators vs. Predators
1 Added Argument Pedophile's aren't bad.
5 Created Debate A question for you physics experts!
1 Added Argument What do you think would happen if an Unstoppable Projectile hit an Unmovable Object?
5 Created Debate Is joining an online dating site a sign of desperation?
1 Added Argument Looks or Personality?
5 Created Debate Sexiest race/ethnicity?
1 Added Argument Is the school uniform a good or bad idea?
1 Added Argument Should rape be allowed in video games?
1 Added Argument Personal Freedom Vs. Social Order

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