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92nida's Reward Points: 1412

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Who are victimized more by thieves? Rich people or Poor people
5 Created Debate What do you seek when life becomes meaningless?
1 High Rated Argument Should junk food be banned in schools
6 High Rated Argument What's better: soccer or basketball?
1 Added Argument Atheism VS God
1 Added Argument Is Islam a religion of violence or a religion of peace?
2 Added Argument Do You Believe in God ?
1 Added Argument Do You Believe in God ?
7 High Rated Argument Hey look, upvotes! IT IS BEING SUCCESSFUL, KEEP RETURNING!
1 Added Argument Did the Islamic prophet Muhammad exist?
2 Added Argument Who would win?
1 Added Argument Are these people crazy?!
1 Added Argument Is killing a part of human nature.
2 Added Argument Is it okay if a girl swears as much as a guy?
1 Added Argument What do you think of feminism?
2 Added Argument Is feminism sexist?
1 Added Argument Happy Diwali !!! :)
5 Created Debate What do you think of feminism?
1 Added Argument What's wrong with Miley Cyrus?
1 Added Argument You pick up a novel: Fiction or Non-Fiction?
1 Added Argument Adolf Hitler Was A Good Man
1 Added Argument Is single party rule necessary for the development of the India ?
1 Added Argument Should CreateDebate Turn into Debate.Org?

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