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AdolfHitler's Reward Points: 50

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument I have a few very serious things to say.
5 Created Debate I have a few very serious things to say.
1 Added Argument Obama's presidency was only slightly less offensive than Blackface.
3 Created Debate Nomenclature would vote for me in a heartbeat
2 Added Argument K-Rino exposes racist alt right Neo-Nazis like Antrim.
2 Created Debate I was a Socialist who hated Russia with a passion & loved Islam
4 Created Debate I attacked & invaded a politically Christian Conservative nation
1 Added Argument 5 Deferment Trump says he would have RAN TOWARDS THE GUNFIRE UNARMED!
5 Created Debate I glorified Islam and was fought by a British Conservative
5 Created Debate I was a Progressive
5 Created Debate I practiced illegal immigration
5 Created Debate I hated Churchill the Conservative
5 Created Debate I was pro Palestinian & against the Jews
5 Created Debate I wanted a Socialist Germany
1 Added Argument Traditionally, The Greatest Enemy Of The Conservative Is The Fact
0 Added Argument I will reveal FactMachine's real name of Nom reveals his

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