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Amarel's Reward Points: 4968

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is it constitutional to ban gay marriage?
1 Added Argument Some of the characteristics typically ascribed to god contradict one another.
1 Added Argument Trump Opens Yet More Concentration Camps For Migrants And "Undesirables"
1 Added Argument Elizabeth Warren says Government should be Allowed to Confiscate Citizens Property
2 Added Argument Should racial profiling be acceptable practice in the fight against crime?
1 Added Argument If we re-elect Trump and lose the House, is our experiment with Democracy OVER?
-1 Downvoted Argument If ANTIFA attacks your Trump supporting son, are they your friend?
1 Added Argument Nom praises Stalin, the USSR and Orwell, but guess what...
1 Added Argument DOW 27,281.58
4 Added Argument Andy, You Can Fuck Off And Die Mate
1 Added Argument Can AOC beat Republican Scherie Murray?
1 Added Argument Are the best marching bands in the world all from America?

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