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Amarel's Reward Points: 3292

Points When What Where
-1 Downvoted Argument Democratic socialism means 51% work 49% are useless parasites
1 Added Argument Why do socialisms want the government to control everything?
-1 Downvoted Argument ANTIFA is the moral equivalency of the Nazi brown shirts
1 Added Argument Are socialists/fascists/ the left afraid of OPEN debate?
2 Added Argument Why being an "SJW" has nothing to do with the legitimate left
5 Created Debate The beginning of the end of identity politics?
1 Added Argument Don't sanctuary cities encourage people to use vigilante justice?
7 Added Argument Self interest vs Greed. What's the difference? IS there a difference?
8 Added Argument Democratic Socialists of America
5 Created Debate Democratic Socialists of America
3 Added Argument Should healthcare be a business, or a public good?
1 Added Argument Black conservative Candace Owens attacked by Antifa mob

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