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Angeloftruth's Reward Points: 123

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Do you demand to see what's in that FISA memo?
1 Added Argument Who would attack with nukes first, Hassan Rouhani or Kim Jong Un?
3 Created Debate If we had the technology, would you bring someone back from the dead?
2 Added Argument Fundy Atheist torturing and starving kids. More Atheist love
3 Created Debate Do you demand to see what's in that FISA memo?
2 Created Debate Democrat Congressmen don't actually want a DACA fix
1 Created Debate Obama failed on Apple. Trump won.
1 Added Argument Do Liberals serve the will of Satan?
1 Added Argument Liberals and conservatives hate each other. It wasn’t always that way. How do we fix it?
1 Added Argument BBC Echoes Words Of Top Republican Senator. Compares Trump To Stalin
1 Added Argument Is the US a shithole country?
3 Created Debate Trump sued city of Palm Beach to get blacks into clubs in 1980s
2 Added Argument If you lament about people emigrating from shit hole country’s,
2 Created Debate Is Liberalism Passive Aggressive?
1 Added Argument On the morality scale, who ranks highest? Trump or Oprah??
1 Added Argument 1. Koliko je internet prijetnja za korisnike i trebaju li ga zato manje/više koristiti?
1 Added Argument Can 2 people with split personality disorder fall in love?
1 Added Argument Do you approve of the new Chelsie Manning for Senate ad?
0 Added Argument Is Muslims crapping in trash cans and streets okay?
1 Added Argument Do vampires suck?
1 Added Argument Cats are Better than Dogs
2 Created Debate Do the words on statue of Liberty rule anything?
5 Created Debate Do vampires suck?
1 Added Argument Hey conservatives, climate change is real

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