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Apolline's Reward Points: 187

Points When What Where
3 Created Debate Nom sure does say things Mussolini, the father of fascism said
1 Added Argument Patriotism is a mental disorder: Change my mind
2 Added Argument Something retarded about capitalism
2 Created Debate What's the difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Adolf Hitler?
1 Added Argument If Hitler had NOT failed art school - he never would have discovered his gift.
1 Added Argument Is the Constitution a liberal document?
1 Added Argument Are Republicans lining up behind Trumps National Security Declaration?
5 Created Debate What would Marxists believe without Marx to tell them what to believe?
1 Added Argument The Far Right Accusing The Left Of Anti-Semitism? Lol. Wtf?
1 Added Argument right wingers love when people are offended...other than christians and right wingers
1 Added Argument Nazis are right wing part one
1 Added Argument Socialism is meritocratic, capitalism is crap
1 Added Argument If china is communist, the US must be super communist.
1 Added Argument How can the left be the side of "feelings" when you jizz at the sight of your flag?
1 Added Argument Attacking Christianity is a great way for the left to lose minority support
5 Created Debate Attacking Christianity is a great way for the left to lose minority support
1 Added Argument Trump is NUTS! You KNOW that, right?
1 Added Argument If YOU were president, would you FIRE the LYING intelligence chiefs, or snivel about them?
1 Added Argument As always on this site, christians are retarded
1 Created Debate Libs build a wall to prevent baby migrants from crossing the vagina
0 Created Debate When libs trash MAGA they mean America isn't and was never great
4 Created Debate Is it evil to intentionally destroy bird eggs in a nest?
1 Added Argument Conservatives hate freedom, except the freedom to lie, shoot, and exploit
1 Added Argument There's no economic freedom when all the land and resources are already owned

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