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Atrag's Reward Points: 5445

Points When What Where
4 Added Argument Did Jesus appear in the Old Testament?
1 Added Argument Should pedophiles get death by firing squad?
1 Added Argument My current top ten CD users
1 Added Argument K Rino doesn't give a s$%t about the shape of the earth
0 Added Argument I am simply a genius god-tier, best user of the website oh god Andy help me.
1 Added Argument My lawyer NEVER told me that smoking pot was a CRIME, so I'm not GUILTY, right?
1 Added Argument Fact: xMathFanx And Amarel Are The Same Person
3 Added Argument Do you "cling" to your guns? I "cling" to mine. Is that bad?
1 Added Argument How many drugs have you tried? Which ones?
1 Added Argument Hootie forced into admitting Hitler was a Leftist
1 Added Argument Rape cultures a myth
5 Created Debate Name one source of news that is neither left nor right in the US

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