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1 Added Argument What is your favorite thing about society?
1 Created Debate Medicare For All Is The Democrat's Broken Train To Nowhere
1 Added Argument George Soros is a capitalist
5 Created Debate Pelosi closes address for security concerns, rejects wall
1 Added Argument Excon and Mingiwuwu are right wingers
5 Created Debate Down payment on wall to end shutdown?
1 Created Debate Ben Shapiro schools socialist on freedom and enterprise
1 Created Debate Iranian Nuclear Chief Again Confirms Iran Flagrantly Violated Nuclear Deal
1 Added Argument If government was drug tested, could the Democrats pass?
1 Created Debate Why did Pelosi's overseas 'mission' include 93 'family' members?
1 Added Argument Famous physicist concludes that someone created the universe
2 Created Debate Should you be able to shoot an armed intruder in your house?
1 Created Debate Laura Loomer Storms Stage At Women's March for its Anti-Semitism
1 Added Argument Cohen acknowledges rigging polls for Trump in 2014 and 2015. Whoda thunk that?
1 Added Argument If the nation is divided, what does 'that's not who we are' even mean?
5 Created Debate Mueller's Team Blasts BuzzFeed's Trump 'Bombshell' As 'Not Accurate'
2 Added Argument Democrats have no drawn up plan to negotiate verses a wall
1 Added Argument DOW at 24,706.35
1 Added Argument Why does Pelosi's security matter but not the border's?
5 Created Debate Women's March Leader Refuses To Affirm Israel's Right To Exist
2 Created Debate Bruce Ohr's Testimony Is A Game Changer In The Russia Collusion Investigation
1 Added Argument My BONES are telling me something.. The Mueller report will be released within two weeks
5 Created Debate Toxic femininity is worse than any form of masculinity
1 Added Argument Turns out, Trump ORDERED Cohen to LIE to congress. Is that IMPEACHABLE?

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