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BenShapiro's Reward Points: 41

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4 Created Debate Hillary says Bill was okay because he and Monica were consenting adults
1 Created Debate Elizabeth Warren's dna test proves most of her old claims are lies
1 Created Debate Why will Hillary Clinton not just go away?
5 Created Debate Is Donald Trump the least white supremacist white supremacist in history?
1 Created Debate I guess Democrats can't be civil with Hillary Clinton
5 Created Debate Do you agree with Hillary saying Democrats cannot be civil with Republicans?
5 Created Debate What is white privilege?
5 Created Debate Is socialism the most selfish philosophy on planet Earth?
5 Created Debate Socialism is rape. Capitalism is consensual sex.
4 Created Debate Is the left out of logical arguments? Is character assasination all they have?
2 Created Debate Is tolerance a moral virtue?
1 Added Argument LOL. Watch This And Discover Just How Stupid American Republicans Are!
1 Added Argument One would think people at these parties would be coming out of the woodwork
1 Added Argument Why liberals are frustrated dealing with the modern conservative

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