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1 Added Argument Does a violation of the campaign finance law CHEAT the voter?
5 Created Debate Pelosi: The Border Wall Is ‘Immoral,’ But We Need To ‘Secure Our Borders’
3 Created Debate Libs blast Trump hiring a journalist. Obama hired many journalists
4 Created Debate High School Teacher Fired For Refusing To Use Transgender Student's Preferred Pronoun
5 Created Debate Libs smear Kyler Murray 4 'queer' tweet as kid. They had queer tweets as adults
2 Created Debate In Upcoming Reboot, Rudolph To Sue Santa Claus For Discrimination
2 Created Debate Being born brown isn't an accomplishment. It's being born brown
5 Created Debate Can liberals handle a Conservative late night talk show host?
2 Added Argument Trump Reveals What He's Going To Do Next Time Acosta Misbehaves
3 Created Debate House Republicans to Subpoena James Comey and Loretta Lynch
5 Created Debate Trump Reveals What He's Going To Do Next Time Acosta Misbehaves
1 Created Debate Democrat Calls For Gun Confiscation, Suggests Nuking Americans Who Fight Back
3 Created Debate Intersectionality Leads To Ignoring Anti-Semitism
3 Added Argument Comedy Legend Jim Carey Opens Up On Trump
3 Created Debate Television was far more entertaining before the PC police took over
1 Added Argument Trump Implicated In Child Sex-Trafficking Ring
2 Created Debate Why have Democrats flipped positions on illegal immigration
5 Created Debate The Left is running a Morality Scam
2 Created Debate Warren Learns Of Ethics Complaint Against Her In Middle of Debate
5 Created Debate Ocasio Cortez says we defeat climate change the way we defeated the Nazis
4 Created Debate Hillary says Bill was okay because he and Monica were consenting adults
1 Created Debate Elizabeth Warren's dna test proves most of her old claims are lies
1 Created Debate Why will Hillary Clinton not just go away?
5 Created Debate Is Donald Trump the least white supremacist white supremacist in history?

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