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BigOats's Reward Points: 813

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Are Atheists "Special"?
1 Added Argument Last week there was NO evidence. This week there IS, so they're saying EVERYBODY does it.
4 Added Argument Do America and Russia have the SAME goals in Syria???
2 Added Argument Russian lawyer was with Obama ambassador 8 days after Trump Jr. 'meeting'
1 Added Argument Liberal Press investigates Russian salad dressing... seriously
1 Added Argument 12 year old girls are the problem... seriously
10 Added Argument Can you get the numbers 1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7, 8,9 to total 100 just by adding together ?
1 Added Argument Should Trump have his own private army??
1 Added Argument Are you evil if you assume someone's gender/ hold them to their original gender?
3 Added Argument This statement is false
1 Added Argument This statement is false
5 Created Debate This statement is false
1 Added Argument Why do you care if same sex marriage is legal or not
1 Added Argument We were infiltrated by Communists and liberals are their children
1 Added Argument Do rockets work in space ?
6 Added Argument Do you think Same Sex Marriage should be reversed?
1 Added Argument The left and Islam. Ask an ex Muslim atheist, shall we?
1 Added Argument Breitbart news has all the markings of a propaganda rag
1 Added Argument Russia is lefts way of avoiding their bankrupt ideology
1 Added Argument Liberalism is a Western suicide death cult
1 Added Argument Do you believe in equality under the law for women and gays?
2 Added Argument Why Do Conservatives Still Refuse To Accept That The Iraq War Was Illegal?
1 Added Argument Albert Einstein Once Famously Remarked:
1 Added Argument Liberals want the Cold War back

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