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1 Added Argument Obama calls for Gun Control in Wake of Florida Shooting
1 Added Argument Ted Nugent walks into a Muslim Bookstore in Chicago !
1 Added Argument Progressives trash quotes from Obama’s SOTU when they think it’s Trump’s
1 Added Argument Radical MSNBC guest says "People need so start taking to the streets for a Revolution"
1 Added Argument Imagining a President Hillary's Press
1 Added Argument 3.5 Million People Are Dead Today Because Of Cecile Richards
1 Added Argument Busted :Democrat Florida Mayor Arrested In FBI Sting
1 Added Argument Twenty-First Century Slavery​
1 Added Argument Socialist Paradise : The Fight For Food In Venezuela
1 Added Argument Democrats and Illegal Immigration Exposed !
1 Added Argument Socialist Paradise:British National Health Service Cancels 50,000 Surgeries
1 Added Argument Feminist Groups Silent as Women Protest Real Oppression in Iran
1 Added Argument The Year Of Media Freak Outs
1 Added Argument Pretty Much Every Man Over 30’ Responsible For Sexual Misconduct
1 Added Argument Crazy Joe Biden claims Obama never had any Scandals
1 Added Argument Tell the truth, are you homophobic?
0 Added Argument I would like my fellow trolls to speak out against Nathan Allen's IP trick-linking.
1 Added Argument Dems keeps changing their witch hunts against Trump. No Russia proof so back to sex.
1 Added Argument If Roy Moore is elected, is it BETTER for libs or right wingers??
3 Added Argument Why, Under Capitalism, Are All The Bottom Feeders At The Top?
1 Added Argument People Are Dumb And This Site Proves It
10 Added Argument Right wingers think the world is OVERPOPULATED.. What's their solution??
1 Added Argument ANTIFA is NOT anti-fascist, but Hitlers National Socialists absolutely WERE socialists
0 Added Argument Nomencrotch is amused by Hitler killing Jews like pigs

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