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Dermit's Reward Points: 31

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Amarel is Jody/Dermot
1 Added Argument Christian baker targeted for third time by left. Is this now a hate crime?
2 Created Debate Is flooding the West with Muslim men a war on women?
2 Added Argument Does the Earth need to warm up 5 degrees to be the optimal temperature?
3 Created Debate Is murdering females in the womb a war on women?
1 Created Debate Is the left giving womens' awards to men a war on women?
1 Added Argument What's better? A war on women, or a war on Christmas?
1 Created Debate L.A. Times: Adam Schiff’s Gay Lover Makes Claims Of Abuse
1 Added Argument You have to be bad at math to be a Socialist
1 Added Argument We should offer cash to people working instead of welfare
1 Added Argument Who does outlaw hate more than Al and me? It's Alexandria Ocasio Cortez DANCING??
1 Added Argument As many of you know, I PAID for a DNA test. Should the government have access to it?
1 Added Argument If reporter says they are the resistance, can you believe anything they print
1 Added Argument Why didn't Trump get his wall funded when Republicans ran EVERYTHING? Why blame the libs?
2 Added Argument Do you side more with the Imperials or Storm Cloaks in Skyrim?
1 Added Argument Should we continue to defend South Korea from North Korea?
1 Added Argument Does the NEW Speaker of the House BELIEVE Trump CAN be indicted??
2 Added Argument Reporter who broke story that Mueller was destroying texts found dead
1 Added Argument The house of death
1 Added Argument Is a snake in the grass or a dimentia patient a bigger threat to America?
3 Added Argument Members Notable Quotes
1 Added Argument Concerning the topic of Evolution, what claims can be made?
1 Added Argument If reporter says they are the resistance, can you believe anything they print

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