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5 Created Debate Have you Read the Bible? Is it that Important?
6 Added Argument If Roy Moore is elected, is it BETTER for libs or right wingers??
1 Added Argument Video games are to blame for boys under-achievment
1 Added Argument America: Are we a nation divided by hyperpartisan ideology?
2 Added Argument Do Alabamians know that Steve Bannon is a Yankee, Wall Street banker, Hollywood elitist??
1 Added Argument Trump Sex Assault Victims Hold News Conference Demanding Investigation
3 Added Argument God gives Christians the wisdom to admit our own sins. Non believers refuse to do so.
1 Added Argument Republicans say Mueller is corrupt because ONE of his men GAVE to the Democrats.
1 Added Argument Pro choicer's constanty say we should eliminate the need for abortions rather than outlaw
1 Added Argument Plants don't want to be eaten
1 Added Argument What are you?
2 Added Argument Is anyone else as sick of the low level childish name calling as I am?
1 Added Argument Do rape victims have the #RightToChoose adoption without the consent of the rapist?
1 Added Argument An Honest Question For Bronto
2 Added Argument Who is the Best Rock Band Ever?
5 Created Debate Who is the Best Rock Band Ever?
1 Added Argument What's your opinion of people who kiss in public?
1 Added Argument How old should someone be before they are allowed to rule a country?
7 Added Argument Can Anyone Give a Shred of Credible Evidence for *any* God?
1 Added Argument Who is the gay one? (transgender dilemma)
5 Created Debate Can Anyone Give a Shred of Credible Evidence for *any* God?
2 Added Argument Christmas is actually a pagan holiday
1 Added Argument If anyone can disprove the FACT of evolution I promise I will leave this site fo
4 Added Argument SCHOOL

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