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God-'s Reward Points: 17

Points When What Where
0 Added Argument Isn't It Strange How The Aliens Never Turn Up To Help Mingi During Debates
1 Added Argument Only A Literal Imbecile Would Ever Believe A Single Word Which Comes Out Of Bronto's Mouth
0 Created Debate ultimate cleansing bath recipe to heal any skin problem
1 Added Argument How the Communists Destroyed Hollywood
1 Added Argument If Bronto Keeps Plagiarising From Hitler Speeches, What Does That Tell You?
1 Added Argument Should you pick your nose to get the boogers out ??
-1 Downvoted Argument Baby's born in the USA ARE citizens. Should their UNDOCUMENTED parents be taken from them?
0 Downvoted Argument Top ten Nomeclature quotes
0 Added Argument I am sure that my dick is bigger than Mingiwuwu's
0 Created Debate I am sure that my dick is bigger than Mingiwuwu's
0 Added Argument What color is Mingiwuwu's penis?
0 Added Argument top ten mingiwuwu quotes
1 Added Argument Can morality exist without God?
0 Downvoted Argument Amarel is Jody/Dermot
0 Created Debate Top ten Nomeclature quotes
0 Created Debate top ten mingiwuwu quotes
1 Added Argument What does love look like?
1 Added Argument How can you survive bully’s at your work place and at school?
2 Added Argument Poverty in the United States is self inflicted
0 Created Debate I can't keep my dick in my pants, aye
0 Downvoted Argument Amarel believes in voodoo
-1 Downvoted Argument
0 Created Debate Amarel is Jody/Dermot
0 Added Argument I will eat an aborted fetus in front of FromWithin

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