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Godzilla's Reward Points: 54

Points When What Where
4 Created Debate Most mass murdering capitalists were liberal capitalists
2 Added Argument Abolish ICE, and then what....
3 Created Debate Does the mob run Indian casinos
1 Added Argument Should we have gun reform
-1 Downvoted Argument Has Trump finally s**t the bed?
2 Added Argument Has Trump finally s**t the bed?
5 Created Debate Liberals have unchecked emotions
2 Added Argument Do you support President Trump on fair and reciprical trade?
2 Added Argument Why Is American Culture So Shallow?
2 Added Argument Antrim and I agree on one thing.....
4 Created Debate Should Conservatives get the same treatment as everyone else?
1 Added Argument Does homeschooling affect a child's social skills?
1 Added Argument Why is Hitler so popular recently?
3 Added Argument The older atheists get the more they lash out at God
1 Added Argument Nom tried to come onto me on
2 Created Debate The Democrat Party has been hijacked by extremists
1 Created Debate Republican voter registration goes up polls narrowing
3 Created Debate Liberalism is about destroying Western civilization
1 Added Argument Secular Liberal Starbucks kicks out blacks
0 Added Argument I Am Made For Attacking Conservative Twits, Myopic Ass Chewing Halfwit Idiots,No Empathy
1 Added Argument Muslim terrorist taking hostages at a local supermarket, thoughts?
1 Added Argument What drives the Democrat Party?
-1 Downvoted Argument What drives the Democrat Party?

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