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GoodListener's Reward Points: 506

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should torture be abolished internationally?
2 Added Argument Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump: Who is a better leader?
1 Added Argument Are transgender people legitimately the gender they say they are?
2 Added Argument Are Nazi's allowed to participate in debates here? If they are I'm gone.
1 Added Argument Net Nuetrality
1 Added Argument Let me give you some examples of Narcissism & what insecurity does to people.
2 Added Argument pasteurization destroys nutrients
5 Added Argument Which is worse, tobacco or cannibis?
4 Added Argument Who's more honest CNN or Alex Jones?
3 Added Argument How Innocent and Naive is God for creating such a World for all living beings
3 Added Argument Would it bother you?
1 Added Argument If you're a cop AND a Democrat, do you REFUSE to arrest liberals??

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