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Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Only Those Who Believe in the True God go to Heaven
1 Added Argument Donald Trump is About As Inspiring As A Burning Pile of Trash
1 Added Argument Give me a nonreligious reason for opposing gay marriage. I just don't care if they get mar
1 Added Argument Do you use a translator to use CreateDebate?
1 Added Argument No moral difference.
1 Added Argument Are Vaccines a total waste of time and money?
2 Added Argument Tricky Question For Conservatives: Why Has Civilisation Continuously Become More Liberal?
1 High Rated Argument Capitalism & Communism - Same
1 Added Argument The Effects of Alcohol Addiction: Alcoholic Neuropathy
1 Added Argument Liberals and conservatives hate each other. It wasn’t always that way. How do we fix it?
2 Added Argument What is autism and other neurological diseases caused by?
1 Added Argument If Trump fires Mueller what will congressional Republicans do?
1 Added Argument Is the US a shithole country?
1 Added Argument How can you prove that your god is the right one?
1 Added Argument If you lament about people emigrating from shit hole country’s,
0 Added Argument IF you DON'T wanna feed the poor, you're a RACIST
1 Added Argument Do you want to be saved?
1 Added Argument The respect levels on this debate site are incredibly low
0 Added Argument Do you like rice fed asian people or sushi fed asian people?
2 Added Argument I Punched A Trump Supporter In The Mouth Today!
1 Added Argument Emperor Trump wears no clothes. Congressional Republicans got naked too, didn’t they?
1 Added Argument Have you learned anything from being on this site?
5 High Rated Argument Do you like grass fed beef or grain fed beef?
2 Added Argument Highest IQ should President

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