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Grenache's Reward Points: 3389

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Where is the paranoid fear from the Left concerning separation of Press & State?
1 Added Argument Which search engine?
1 Added Argument How did the universe begin?
1 Added Argument Why doesn't God Stop Evil?
1 Added Argument Do we need guns in America
1 Added Argument Why did God create people He knew would reject Him?
0 Added Argument Starlord1234 refuses to rebuttle Bronto after challenging him
0 Added Argument FromWithin is a spineless bitch
1 Added Argument Should there be advanced courses or AP courses in schools?
1 Added Argument Israel is a horrible ally to the US
2 Added Argument Addiction is a mental disease, not a choice.
1 Added Argument I flapped my ass back to safety
2 Added Argument The so called tolerant Left show's true colors with Trump's decapitated head by Professor.
1 Added Argument Dana's mother is a real BITCH!
1 Added Argument Syria is where it ends in the Bible. Atheists don't like it all coming true, but
1 Added Argument God is God by mathematical and philosophical default
1 Added Argument Should students be allowed to use personal devices (tablets, smartphones, etc) in school?
1 Added Argument What are you craving right now?
0 Added Argument Did this dog accomplish its mission? Yes or no?
1 Added Argument What are you craving right now?
1 Added Argument Show me ONE scientific fact that supports the theory of evolution.
1 Added Argument Can N Korea pull off a "Super Mighty Preemptive Strike"
5 Created Debate Can N Korea pull off a "Super Mighty Preemptive Strike"
2 Added Argument All cultures hold equal value.

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