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Grenache's Reward Points: 3102

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument should the U.S.A annex Canada
5 Added Argument US Supreme Court agrees Senate must confirm appointees
5 Created Debate US Supreme Court agrees Senate must confirm appointees
1 Added Argument The U.S. is within its ethical rights to be a nationalist country.
4 Added Argument Iran’s Supreme Leader: "Gender Equality" is a "Zionist Plot"
1 Added Argument Do you want a One World Government?
3 Added Argument this house will pay citizens to house refugees
1 Added Argument Will Hillary go to Jail?
2 Added Argument The Progressive narrative that the Russians hacked the election has been destroyed
1 Added Argument Is war inevitable given human nature?
1 Added Argument The Cult of Liberalism is Orwell's 1984
3 Added Argument Feminist Writer says "White People Are Evil"
1 Added Argument What is the funniest argument for Atheism?
1 Added Argument Atheism Islam, two sides of same coin
5 Added Argument Why do military people act like they're the only ones who get PTSD?
1 Added Argument There are so called Christians who vote for Dems because they say they care for the poor.
1 Added Argument First thing you think of when you hear "Slidey Prize"
1 Added Argument Language Police on "College Campie" deem the word "Homosexual" offensive now
3 Added Argument Capitalism or Socialism
1 Added Argument Unhinged:Progressives suffering from Nightmares and Insomnia since Trump’s Victory
1 Added Argument This is how the biased media shows their corrupt bias. They only cover anti Trump stories.
3 Added Argument Presidential Candidates are not legally required to release their Tax Returns
1 Added Argument Google now flagging and burying "Offensive" content
1 Added Argument Should the Internet have some form of universal user identification.

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