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Gypsee's Reward Points: 220

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Why do liberals refuse to let us defend ourselves?
2 Added Argument Progressives and their "TinFoil Hat Daily Conspiracies"
2 Added Argument Free Speech Even If It Is Offensive?
1 Added Argument Women prefer Conservative men
3 Added Argument Free Speech Even If It Is Offensive?
1 Added Argument All wars are religiously motivated
1 Added Argument Trump's keeping his word. Draining the swamp by firing FBI director Comey. Dems complain?
1 Added Argument When does pregnancy begin?
1 Added Argument When does pregnancy begin?
4 Added Argument I get it, the Democrat Party's goal of socialism, but you folks voting for these people?
2 Added Argument How Do You Feel About The Wall?
1 Added Argument Christians are most persecuted group in the world... again...
1 Added Argument Trump SAID he's gonna take a "hands off" approach to Syria. Then Assad GASSED his people.
1 Added Argument Climate change fail has shown up in California
2 Added Argument The right wing SCREWED Trump.. Is he gonna turn to the Democrats?
1 Added Argument London Westminster shooting is being treated as a "Terrorist Attack"
1 Added Argument Paris airport attacker suspected of "Islamist Radicalism"
2 Added Argument Feminist Writer says "White People Are Evil"
1 Added Argument What is an "Abortion"?
3 Added Argument Have you noticed how the Left wants to keep spending tax dollars on failed schools?
3 Added Argument California Secession Movement comes from Russia
1 Added Argument I wonder when these dysfunctional Democrats will accept that Trump WON THE ELECTION!
1 Added Argument Is it okay to test on animals??
2 Added Argument Trump has not banned Muslims

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