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HeadOfLice's Reward Points: 21

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Dems would hate it if fringe Churches like Westboro were allowed to talk to their children
1 Added Argument How to be a climate change denier
1 Added Argument The IDIOTS On This Site All Seem To Have One Thing In Common.
0 Added Argument Excon's wife is just stunningly attractive
1 Added Argument Should milk be required in school lunches?
2 Created Debate Why does Pelosi's security matter but not the border's?
2 Created Debate DOW at 24,706.35
1 Added Argument Buzzfeed Admits They Haven’t Seen Documents Supporting Their Cohen Report
1 Added Argument My BONES are telling me something.. The Mueller report will be released within two weeks
5 Created Debate Democrats have no drawn up plan to negotiate verses a wall
2 Created Debate If the nation is divided, what does 'that's not who we are' even mean?
1 Created Debate America will continue to elect disrupters until Congress does its job
1 Added Argument This Is How Stupid Bronto Is
1 Added Argument If you allow diseases into the country & create a plague, are you a good person?
1 Added Argument The Spreading of Religion

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