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1 Added Argument Is religious belief a choice?
1 Added Argument Socialist Seattle Approves Hefty Tax On The Wealthy
2 Added Argument Why Are Conservatives So Anti-Progress?
1 Added Argument Who's more compassionate, liberals or conservatives?
1 Added Argument Libs: whites must become minorities in their own countries. Wow.
1 Added Argument This is why we never listen to a word that the left says
2 Added Argument How long are the Progressives going to chase Russian Ghost !!!!!!!!
1 Added Argument Are you evil if you assume someone's gender/ hold them to their original gender?
1 Added Argument Is HATE speech FREE speech?
3 High Rated Argument Liberals mad that MOAB assumes the gender of the bomb...
1 Added Argument It's great to once again have a President that cares about Amerca rather than an ideology.
1 Added Argument Liberals mad that MOAB assumes the gender of the bomb...
1 Added Argument People With Low IQ Scores Should Be Sterilized.
1 Added Argument Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
1 Added Argument Do you believe the Electoral College makes America undemocratic?
2 Added Argument Should pornography be protected by the first Amendment?
1 Added Argument The Chili's Resturant is giving part of dinner money to fund Planned Parenthood!
1 Added Argument Sanctuary Cities. GOOD - BAD
1 Added Argument Liberal hypocrisy.
1 Added Argument Should trans-genders be legal.
1 Added Argument Europe's living with so much terrorism because of bleeding heart weakness towards evil.
2 Added Argument Has MLKs dream been fulfilled?
1 Added Argument Should Trump's Inauguration be Boycotted?
1 Added Argument Muslim Immigration has made Sweden a "Crime Capital"

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