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1 Added Argument Trump Drives Down Price Of F-35 Fighter 25% From Obama Level
1 Added Argument Republicans Want To Abolish The Constitution Completely!
1 Added Argument A murders that is committed in the hood should be called a homie-cide
1 Added Argument At least 52 shot 8 fatally in weekend shootings across Chicago
2 Added Argument Looks like Trump will be President 5 years from now.
1 Added Argument If we had confidence that the president did NOT commit a crime, we would have said so
2 Added Argument Poll Shows Sanders Voters Are low information And Sanders Voters AREN'T Happy
1 Added Argument Stock market’s value under Trump has grown by $6.9 trillion to $30.6 trillion
1 Added Argument Rest in peace, my fallen brothers. Your sacrifice keeps us free.
3 Added Argument The world needs less humans
1 Added Argument Was Obama in a plot with foreign governments to take out Donald Trump?
1 Added Argument Why does the left wing media lie to you nonstop?
1 Added Argument This Poll Gives Strongest Evidence For Reelection Of President Trump
1 Added Argument Do you agree with Trumps list of WHO should be EXECUTED??
4 Added Argument Just Like Hitler, Trump Is Trying To Gag The Free Press
1 Added Argument No one deserves anything for free
1 Added Argument Lib Trump narrative switch and pivot for infinity
1 Added Argument Rich People Are Better Than Poor People
1 Added Argument Would you rather Christianity or Islam ran the world?
1 Added Argument Does America work better when the right and left work together?
1 Added Argument Do you root for the American in the olympics, regardless of race?
2 Added Argument For and Against LGBTQ+
1 Added Argument If God doesn't exist, why are we composed of Adams at the subatomic level?
1 Added Argument Do you support President Trump?

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