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1 Added Argument Why do socialisms want the government to control everything?
2 Added Argument Hello CD, I'm Cara and I'm here to kick some intellectual butt lol
2 Added Argument Who is more authoritarian, the left or the right?
1 Added Argument They SAY that Russian meddling DIDN'T change the result.. But, we don't KNOW, do we??
1 Added Argument Will Trumps hatred of the press incite some gun nut to SHOOT a reporter?
1 Added Argument Trump triumphant: 'We're going to go a lot higher' than 4.1% GDP growth
1 Added Argument When libs lie & try to say Denmark is socialist & Venezuela is not socialist
1 Added Argument Shall we still be slaves and work for wages? It's been for ages, this is outrageous.
1 Added Argument Rise Of The New World Nazi's
1 Added Argument Crazy Leftist Cuomo (D-NY) grants conditional pardons to "Dozens of Sex Offenders"
1 Added Argument Elizabeth Warren claims people need FOUR JOBS to survive
1 Added Argument Democrats 2018 slogan is a Failure
1 Added Argument If Russia tries to enter Turkey from the rear, will Greece help??
1 Added Argument Why Hillary lost. Yes or no?
1 Added Argument The right accepts reality as it is. The left does not.
1 Added Argument Refuse To Serve Stupid People?!
1 Added Argument Should cops belong to a union? SCOTUS says no. Is that a good thing?
1 Added Argument Venezuela on ban list. They aren't Muslim
2 Added Argument Bernie Sanders earned over a million dollars this year
2 Added Argument Refuse To Serve Stupid People?!
1 Added Argument Are Republicans all racist?
1 Added Argument Obama also deported and seperated families, so why whine about Trump? #Centrist
1 Added Argument We should round up conservatives into internment camps
1 Added Argument Will the children kidnapped by Trump EVER be reunited with their parents?

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