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1 Added Argument During Press conference Trump told CNN reporter they were biased fake news. I LOVE IT!
1 Added Argument Can a Christian be a nudist?
1 Added Argument Am I a hypocrite if I say Seaworld is cruel while simultaneously eating a Big Mac?
1 Added Argument If not for Liberalism, Islamic terrorism would not exist in the West
1 Added Argument Progressive Rosie O'Donnell calls for Martial Law to stop Trump
1 Added Argument Barack Obama is a Muslim Sympathizer as stated in his Farewell Speech
1 Added Argument Pd 1 Honors Anatomy - Fast Food vs. Consumer
1 Added Argument Do Progressives have nothing more than "Racism" claims ?
-1 Downvoted Argument Is tourism a boon or bane?
1 Added Argument Is tourism a boon or bane?
1 Added Argument Is being transgendered a mental illness?
1 Added Argument Say something nice about your mother.
1 Added Argument Gun Silencers could become easier to purchase
1 Added Argument Why do Progressives have such a "Love Affair" with the Religion of Islam
1 Added Argument What's wrong with football and mixed martial arts?
1 Added Argument Negro Criminal shoots Negro Policewoman in Florida
1 Added Argument An end to scars? Breakthrough could heal wounds without leaving a trace.
1 Added Argument Obama admits he was "Out of Touch" with the American People
3 Added Argument Transgender toilet use: US schools 'must respect gender identity'
1 High Rated Argument Why I'm a democratic socialist.
1 Added Argument All the religions pushing there religions here
2 Added Argument If you were British would you have voted to leave the EU?
6 Added Argument That's a man, baby!!
1 Added Argument Democrats Fake Concerns Over Voter Suppression Exposed.

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