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HootiesWank's Reward Points: 56

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Does Burritolunch have any credibility left on his Capitalism is bad narrative?
1 Added Argument What law is the best, most functional, or most morally valid law?
1 Added Argument Libs have trouble opening jars of pickles, but they love pickles
1 Added Argument Mother found guilty of mutilating "3-Year-Old Daughter's Genitals". A first in the U.K.
1 Added Argument What law should be eliminated?
0 Created Debate Northam says it wasn't him in racist photo after admitting it was him in photo
0 Added Argument Bronto has the IQ of a drunk goldfish.
2 Added Argument economics can end climate crisis
3 Created Debate If we sent the libs to Mars, there'd be less pollution on Earth
1 Added Argument Right wingers can't rap
0 Added Argument I am drunk and fat. I am in my mothers basement playing Skyrim.
0 Added Argument "Awwww Look", Giggled Bronto's New Mother, "It's A Little Baby Hitler"

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