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Jacobcoolguy's Reward Points: 2162

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Are anti-depressants responsible for some mass shootings?
1 Added Argument Should the US restrict guns?
2 Created Debate Numbers 31
3 Created Debate Does Might Make Right In Morality
1 Added Argument John 3:36
1 Added Argument Should 14 year olds drive?
1 Added Argument If Christianity is a fairy tale, why do you suppose so many spend their lives judging it?
1 Added Argument Was George Washington a piece of crap?
-1 Downvoted Argument Please Stop Bronto Cheating The Voting System
1 Added Argument Is Antifa Fascist?
1 Added Argument Is this the end of Europe?
3 Created Debate Is Hurricane Harvey God's Punishment To Texas For Voting For Trump?
5 Created Debate PICK ONE
1 Added Argument I got in trouble for writing a TODO list at work.
1 Added Argument North Korea
1 Added Argument Who Killed Jesus: The Jews or The Romans?
1 Added Argument I feel fine, do you?
1 Added Argument Are you proud to be called liberal?
1 Added Argument God Is Literally A Synonym For Ignorance
1 Added Argument I'm a Jew. I STILL hate Nazis. Always will. Why SHOULDN'T black people HATE the white man?
1 Added Argument What a shock, the witch hunters are demonizing Trump once more after he condemned hate.
5 Created Debate Who Killed Jesus: The Jews or The Romans?
1 Added Argument Western Cultural Superiority
1 Added Argument Why won't YOU speak out about the RACISM right HERE on THESE pages???

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