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Jacobcoolguy's Reward Points: 2124

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Social Justice Issues in Japan
1 Added Argument Dermot is a Cartman dupe account
1 Created Debate What is your idea of a good government?
1 Added Argument Is Undertale bad or what?
1 Added Argument Shoud we lower taxes?
5 Created Debate Shoud we lower taxes?
1 Added Argument Big Macs vs Whoppers
5 Created Debate Big Macs vs Whoppers
1 Added Argument Is Domestic Violence On Men Real?
1 Added Argument Billy Graham was an inspiration to the world
4 Created Debate What does CreateDebate think of Paul Ryan?
3 Added Argument I don't care.
1 Added Argument Has right wing media finally cracked up?
1 Added Argument Vicious Anti-Semite running for Manhattan City Council still welcomed by Democrats
1 Added Argument What do you guys think of the M16 being fully replaced with the M4?
2 Created Debate What do you guys think of the M16 being fully replaced with the M4?
0 Added Argument Starlord1234 refuses to rebuttle Bronto after challenging him
1 Added Argument Israel is a horrible ally to the US
5 Created Debate Israel is a horrible ally to the US
1 Added Argument What are you craving right now?
1 Added Argument Syria is where it ends in the Bible. Atheists don't like it all coming true, but
1 Added Argument Does the 11th dimension exist?
1 Added Argument If God wants me in Hell, why am I not there yet?
1 Added Argument What is your song when you are hurting?

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