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JaxsonRaine's Reward Points: 54

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument U.S. Corporate Tax Rates Should Be Lowered
2 Added Argument Would Mitt Romney be the best choice for president for economic recovery?
2 Added Argument U.S. Corporate Tax Rates Should Be Lowered
5 Created Debate U.S. Corporate Tax Rates Should Be Lowered
1 Added Argument Venture Capitalism or Vulture Capitalism
3 Created Debate Venture Capitalism or Vulture Capitalism
1 Added Argument Is it ok to eat in a store before you check the food out in the register?
2 Added Argument Second amendment Gun rights
1 Added Argument Robots that fly ... and cooperate
6 Added Argument Republicans are so gullible...
1 Added Argument Should I eat McDonalds for dinner?
1 Added Argument A rich person is as unhappy or as happy as a poor person.
1 Added Argument Nuclear Energy - the best source of Energy
2 Added Argument Request for ideas - CreateDebate modifications for 2012
1 Added Argument Do you guys think on your profile you should have your own status?
1 Added Argument We need your input on Challenge Debate functionality
1 Added Argument Should animals be kept as pets?
1 Added Argument Errors Invalidate the Bible
5 Created Debate Errors Invalidate the Bible
7 Added Argument The Bible has Errors
5 Created Debate The Bible has Errors
1 Added Argument who came first the egg or the chicken ????
1 Added Argument why should we study??
1 Added Argument How can you comprehend and understand what it is like be dead. (In an Atheistic view)

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