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Jody's Reward Points: 1245

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Do you know what two consenting adults of sound mind, means?
1 Added Argument Jesus was not an idealist concerning this world
1 Added Argument Should Guns be Banned in America
2 Added Argument Young Earth
1 Added Argument Young Earth
10 Added Argument Ghana wins world robotics championship 2019. Not in the news??
1 Added Argument If your dog began speaking to you in human English, would you speak back?
1 Added Argument Why Does FoamWithin REFUSE To Treat His Own Mental Illnesses?
3 Added Argument The Democrat Presidential candadates all want to get rid of the Hyde amendment!
8 Added Argument Flat Earthers, and the Rise of Science Denial in America
2 Added Argument Democrats never respond when we say Rich Liberals have body guards with guns. Why?
1 Added Argument the burden of proof is on the atheist
1 Added Argument Should guns be banned?
0 Added Argument As always, Mingiwuwu is too much of a bitch ass pussy hole to address the facts
1 Added Argument Is it wrong to practice witchcraft?
1 Added Argument Democracy
1 Added Argument Is it mere coincidence that Jody and Amarel both have bedside Hitler shrines?
2 Added Argument Does Anybody Else Here Remember When Brontoraptor ADMITTED Owning A Copy Of Mein Kampf?
1 Added Argument Does Britain produce anything of value
2 Added Argument Should there be straight pride parades?
1 Added Argument If you don't support gassing children, then you must support using them as shields
1 Added Argument Who on CD wants to try their hand at rap battling me?
1 Added Argument Intellectualism Is Dead On This Board
1 Added Argument Antifa slogans invented by me

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