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LitleMissfit's Reward Points: 98

Points When What Where
1 Created Debate DOW 26,504.00
5 Created Debate DOW 26,504.95
5 Created Debate DOW 26,656.39
-1 Downvoted Argument Mueller: Russia DID attack us... Republicans: So fucking what? We LOVE Russia
2 Created Debate DOW 26,559.54
1 Created Debate DOW 26,412.30
5 Created Debate What was running through the mind of the 1st animal to think on a human level
1 Created Debate DOW 26,324.82
-1 Downvoted Argument DOW 26,192.80
1 Added Argument DOW 26,192.80
5 Created Debate DOW 26,192.80
4 Created Debate DOW at 25,928.68
1 Added Argument Are American Liberals stupid?
5 Created Debate DOW 25,850.63
2 Created Debate DOW at 25,883.25
1 Added Argument Wait a minute! Democrats are talking out both sides of their mouth on this border wall.
3 Created Debate Time to end government pensions
5 Created Debate JamesBody agrees with everything Mussolini, the creator of Fascism, said
5 Added Argument Fascist Imbecile Bronto Is Literally So Far Right He Thinks Hitler Was On The Left
1 Added Argument Deliberately Injurious Conservative KKK Hacks Elected Asswipe Donald
1 Added Argument How did Trumps rectal exam work out yesterday?
5 Created Debate Things that are okay to libs vs things that aren't okay to libs
1 Added Argument DOW at 25,169.53
2 Added Argument The BIRTHER IN CHIEF is sniveling about being attacked by Democrats. Is payback a bitch?

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