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Machiavelli1's Reward Points: 48

Points When What Where
3 Created Debate Liberals lack of reproduction poses a big problem for the left. Agree?
2 Created Debate Would you rather ride a Pegasus or a Dragon
2 Added Argument What's better? A war on women, or a war on Christmas?
1 Added Argument Would you rather Christianity or Islam ran the world?
-1 Downvoted Argument Which would you prefer?
1 Added Argument What animal is your spirit animal?
1 Added Argument Who's your favorite Middle Earth character?
2 Created Debate Do you unfriend or block people on Facebook for political posts you don't like?
2 Added Argument Would you go near a water drain that had a clown in it?
1 Added Argument Should police forces have and use drones?
-1 Downvoted Argument Explain To Me How Science And Religion Can Coexist
1 Added Argument Explain To Me How Science And Religion Can Coexist
1 Created Debate Time 4 conservatives 2 claim multiple personalities that each deserve their own vote
1 Created Debate Libs created omnipotent Mueller. Should he be used to investigate Russia & libs?
5 Created Debate Is the left willing to make voter IDs the law in exchange 4 popular vote election?
1 Added Argument Can something feel good, but be wrong?
1 Created Debate Former NPR CEO opens up about liberal media bias
1 Added Argument Americans Say Media Divide Us More Than Trump, New Poll Finds
1 Added Argument How much do think the Government is hiding from us?
1 Added Argument Was this the wildest finish to an American football game you've ever seen?
5 Created Debate Is it better to have compassion or honor?
1 Added Argument I see increased occurences of emotional issues & mental illness as a sign of the times.
3 Created Debate Who had JFK killed?
-1 Downvoted Argument Will Trumps disgraceful behavior in Helsinki FINALLY ignite the right wing congress to ACT

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