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Merlyn0's Reward Points: 48

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is contraception a right?
1 Added Argument Football or Soccer
-1 Downvoted Argument Are black people genetically less intelligent than white people?
1 Added Argument Should Felons Who Have Completed Their Sentence Be Allowed to Vote?
1 Added Argument Hot Chocolate is good.
1 Added Argument Should Corporal Punishment Be Used in K-12 Schools?
1 Added Argument Is There Evidence for Macro Evolution
1 Added Argument Do People Who Claims to Be "Christian" Actually Adhere to Christ's Philosophy?
1 Added Argument Should We Go To Mars
1 Added Argument What does the Bible say about psychopaths?
0 Added Argument Darwininan Evolution for intelligent designers
1 Added Argument Why Can't Atheists Stay Away When Not Welcome?
1 Added Argument Should Mexicans Stay in United States
3 Added Argument Thoughts on Evolution
5 Created Debate Thoughts on Evolution
1 Added Argument Why Are Atheists Such Sore Losers?
2 Added Argument Evolution and the Theory of Intelligent Design in school Curriculum
1 Added Argument Do you believe in life on other planets?
1 Added Argument Who wants to play the opposites game?
1 Added Argument Do you support gun rights for mentally healthy people?
1 Added Argument If you are going to serve life in prison, would you run away?
1 Added Argument Am I stupid for saving myself for marriage?
10 Added Argument How do you explain the world if you don't believe in a higher power(God)?
5 Created Debate How do you explain the world if you don't believe in a higher power(God)?

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